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Just like large marketing firms, we provide graphic and web design,
digital marketing strategies and training.

Just one difference – You CAN afford to hire us.

Ask about our payment plans.

Web Development

Affordable Web Design by Atlanta Web Design and SEO

If you are looking for a website that will enhance your brand, utilize modern elements and rank on Google, give us a call and see what we offer.  We have a variety of options from starter to complex websites from which you can select.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing using first rate SEO at Atlanta Web Design and SEO

Offering your products and services online is what Digital Marketing is all about.  Utilizing the components of Digital Marketing is an excellent way to display your products and services as strategic business marketing tool.


Learn WordPress, Learn Digital Marketing, Learn SEO Tactics, Business Development Coaching

We also offer a wide range of educational opportunities.  We teach WordPress, social media, strategic planning and affiliate marketing to name a few.  Our training platforms include webinars and one-on-one sessions.

About the Business

Atlanta Web Design and SEO offers excellent web design, search engine optimization and digital marketing services and training.  With four years of consistent operations in Atlanta, GA and along the East Coast, our talent and skills have been developed and refined by hard work and experience.

We believe that no matter how small the client’s business, it deserves the same quality web design services as a Fortune 25 company.  It is important to us that the small guy be professionally represented on the web, but at a realistic fee that is within their reach.  With flexible payment terms, our web development system can easily fit into most budgets.  The reality is that at the point of start-up, entrepreneurs have no marketing budget, but they still need to make a statement on the web to sell their products and services.  As we are in the midst of the age of digital transactions, a high-quality website, or lack thereof, can mean the difference between acquiring new customers or closing the doors of the business.  Selecting Atlanta Web Design and SEO as your professional web designer and digital marketing consultant will prove to yield a high return on your investment.

Atlanta Web Design and SEO is the re-branded, new and improved Ultimate Business Solutions.

Websites – that’s what we do.

Whether designing a website or having one built for you, these resources will be your starting points in the process.

Try Pixabay for free, high resolution images. Great variety.

This easy to use site provides you GoDaddy products with a good discount.  Start an account and begin your domain search.  Remember to get a “key word rich” domain name.

WordPress comes with free themes that you can use but the custom formatting is very limited.  Visit the Envato Marketplace for the best and cheapest themes for your website.

Email Marketing is the #1 strategy to acquire a new customer.  Running a campaign and using an Autoresponder are like money in the bank!